Tropic of The Sea - Satoshi Kon

This is a basic story that proceeds how you think it’d proceed about a small fishing town than takes care of a mermaid egg. There is no twist of the plot or anything just the typical, town with mystical item gets besieged by corporate men and there’s a race to return the item to wherever it needs to go.


All with a healthy dose of Casual Misogyny. Seriously it seems like Satoshi Kon hates women as they don’t feature really prominently in this manga and only live to further the male plotline. Even the mermaid is rather nondescript.


Also I though this would be a novel which is the only reason I bought it, low and behold it’s not and it’s from Vertical. The people that don’t know a thing about their properties.

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Reading progress update: I’ve read 30%.

The Cage of Zeus - Sayuri Ueda

See this is why the book fails even when it talks about transgenderism. Women are always the ones “impregnated” (yes that’s the way they describe women) and men as the impregnators. The author can’t get the idea of there being more than two sexes and genders out of their head. Even that they can’t get their head around that, not every woman has a vagina and not every man has a penis and not every person with sex bits is a woman or a man.

Like it always describes the rounds as either being more feminine or more masculine. It can’t get over the fucking binary it seeks to comment about.


“When that act isn’t entirely consensual”

Uhh it’s either 100% or 0%, there is no “dub con” shit in rape. Saying however that rape occurs between Rounds also indicates the authors does understand that rape is about power. If the Rounds are living the utopia they are in… I doubt it’d occur. UNLESS they were referring to the shitty ass humans. That being said… I don’t think the author understands rape at all considering that they are talking about voluntary and involuntary ovulation.

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The Alchemist’s Memory - Katie Gatto

This book really feels disjointed. The protagonist, Callia, seems to flip-flop on if she hates her brother or if she doesn’t and in one scene goes to kill him only “Nope”, and of course he gets the upper hand.


The whole book is about her brother controlling her and she more or less dances to his tune even though it’s said she doesn’t want to or won’t. Trigger warning for incest and the brother wants her romantically and is of course the jealous type.

The story also seems to start out in the most random place, with her in the woods having fallen or something? It never really gets explained and a large portion of this book is never explaining things. Also the world building is non-existant. There are just names of people and about two places mentioned. It’s not even explained how the king had usurped anyone in the first place or what he had done to deserved to be re-ursurped.


Overall it lacks a lot of world building and characterization. Not only that it just seems to end. More or less on a cliffhanger and considering how short it is. It really could have used more.


Not to mention the casual misogyny of “I’m not like those other fluff headed girls” when she’s talking about the count. The constant controlling of Callia by her brother and her more or less liking it? Not liking it? Being a confused woman the whole time.


Another thing was that this was hard to read as the MOBI I got was double spaced and it had huge margins making it look more like poetry (it’s not). I had to convert it to a better spaced EPUB. Other technical things in the book are a lot of typos. Mixed names, such as Erdan supposed to be speaking but it’s attributed to Drew. Mixed genders, Drew is referred to by ‘she’ when he has up until this point be ‘he’ and afterwards is ‘he’. Some words that are mixed, ‘and’ instead of ‘an’. Some words that are missing, such as ‘..he had gone’ and there’s only ‘had gone’ and it really needed the ‘he’ there.

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Dragons and Intrigue!


Seraphina - Rachel Hartman

So I picked up this book because it’s sequel came up as “Books like Red Queen” and I wanted to read the first book so the second one made sense. And yes you need to read the first to understand the second.


This book has a lot going for it, strong main character and strong female secondary characters. There is next to no girl hate in here and what is there is regulated to a few lines on one part of the book. The only drawback to this is the amount of violent woman death. Thankfully two are dead before the story starts, Seraphina’s mother and Lars’ mother. Another dies due to being poisoned. While the death of men remains low, one is stabbed, two are beheaded. One before the story.


So what about diversity. We have the county of Porphyry in the north which is known philosophy and technology, these are where the black people are. We get Millie and Abdo from this region. Millie who is a minor character and Abdo a minor to major character.

Don’t think we have much in terms of any other representation.

As for the MOGAI front, we have the word “daanite” which comes from Daan and Masha, the martyred gay lovers that were then sainted.


That one thing with the story is that religion runs deep through it. It’s made up by reeks a bit of Catholicism. Thankfully there’s a glossary in the end of the book.


Overall I enjoyed it, it has it’s moments but overall a much better read than Red Queen.

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Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen

So this book came up in a “Books like Red Queen” shelf. So I decided to see if any were as bad or better than Red Queen.


Compared to Red Queen this book is WAY BETTER. Doesn’t have the misogyny of Red Queen and certainly the world characters are better written.


Now about the book itself. Considering everything is LimerOS, AuranOS, WesterO– wait that last one isn’t in this book. Yeah, basically this is trying to be Game of Thrones Lite or something. Without all the rape rape rape. I’m not certain if it does or not because Game of Thrones should disappear forever so I’ll never read it.

Lest to say the map is dull, 3 kingdoms stacked on top of each other. One king is EVIL, one is… a drunkard? We Really don’t get to learn too much about him other than his daughter is an exotic snake dancer because EXOTIC. Only what she’s doing isn’t so exotic. And she (I think) is dark skinned, but so is Jonas and probably most of the other Paelsians. aaand TRAGIC GOOD? KING.

Really this book tries to set itself up for greatness only it feels like the entire book is buildup with no real resolution.

The female characters are kinda flat and weak of course. The men are.. evil. The other characters are too enigmatic to really care about so you forget they exist until they have their one page exposition.

Overall this is not a book I like. I don’t like all the killing and the death… there’s a lot of dying in here for named characters. I wanted to get into the fantasy magical side of the book, but this is more about how the kings are going to kill each other off. It was just boring and didn’t seem to spend enough time on the character that matter than the characters that were just an engine to move the characters we really wanted to care about.

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